Friday, June 28, 2024

Mostly just flowers, some food and some fun

 It's been a very nice couple of weeks, the weather pleasant with just a bit of rain here and there. We had a hot'ish spell requiring the A/C during the mid-afternoons. Those afternoons I used my oven to accomplish some baking tasks. One day I made baked chicken thighs with cornbread dressing - yum, and 2 more repeat dinners. Another day I tried a recipe for blonde brownies with coconut, pecans, and a scattering of both butterscotch and semi-sweet chips. Those turned out great and have filled the "no cookies left" gap nicely. 

Forgot to get any pics of all that, however, I tried a 2nd recipe for the southern biscuits with cornmeal & buttermilk I'm attempting to perfect (or at least master), and they turned out quite good; tender, moist and flavorful. Ratio of flour to cornmeal 3 to 1, I'll post the recipe on the food page at some point for reference. I used a 3" glass to cut them out so I got 6 large biscuits! We had 1 each last night with our pork & veggie stew, the Boss was effusive with his praise for both, lol. 😍

Next time I'll use a smaller glass!

Also, on the food topics, I finally decided to take a chance and test the idea of putting unwashed strawberries into a glass jar for longevity in the fridge - it works!! So cool. These strawberries have been in the fridge for at least 10 days and look at them! (I can't believe it, but I'm so glad).

These beauties looked perfect. I usually cut up half a pint at a time,
then try to use the rest before they get moldy - no more worries.

On the flower front I put together a few picture collages of some around our park.

I love seeing everything thrive around here. I have to do quite a bit of watering with the intense sun and wind drying things out, but all the plants just get bigger and prettier as the summer goes on, makes me happy!

Every year these folks go all out with a packed flower box.

In between helping rehab my neighbor's yard/garden and doing the baking etc., I'm also getting time to practice my wire weaving jewelry making. I brought all my supplies with me and usually piddle around with it in the evenings.

Necklace pendants in copper wire.

My fun neighbor Liz and I are planning on making framed, chicken wire and beads suncatchers. I'm sure you've seen them on the internet. Can't wait!

Finally, when it's real hot out we can go over to a teeny-tiny beach on the island (on the property) and stand in the freezing cold river. Usually a nice cool breeze coming off the water as well.

There are several spots to hit the river, 
can't see the miniscule beach here though.

Well, that's it for now. All's well out here and we hope you are having a great summer where ever you may be; home, abroad or just out and about. See you next time, and thanks for dropping in for a visit. 😊


  1. What a strawberry secret THAT is. Im going to try it!! And please post the biscuit recipe! I can't make a good biscuit to save me!!

    1. We love fresh strawberries and living in north FL we can get plenty for a long season, so having a way to make them stay fresh is fantastic. I will post the recipe soon.

  2. Great job on those pendants! Looking forward to seeing your suncatcher!

    1. Thanks Jim, the suncatcher should be fun, I ordered in a small glass bead assortment for the project, (it keeps me busy).

  3. Sorry I am late commenting again. Seriously, your wire weaving talent is outstanding! You always have something interesting in the culinary department, keep it up!

    1. Thanks Marlene, and thanks for taking time to comment. Looking forward to reading about your exploits around and about your place!