Sunday, February 12, 2023

Weather patterns, reading, cooking and sewing

These past few weeks haven't been much out of the ordinary, this tends to be the "nesting" season for us. Reading, reading, crafting, eating.

I've been thinking about the weather pattern lately and it's getting a chuckle (from me) but I'm hearing a *sigh* (from them, those folks who work). Beautiful and sunny, highs in the mid to high 70's Monday through Friday at which point it changes to gloomy, rainy and not so nice. By the end of the weekend it starts getting better. 

Arrgh - I remember getting so frustrated when this occurred during the time when we were working, and could only get out on the boat on weekends. Maybe we'll get a longer spell of glorious to push the dreary out to Monday or Tuesday. Don't give up workerbees! 😊


I'm going to spend a minute off topic here to have a little show and tell about my Uncle Joe, a wonderful artist who was an oil painter, married to my father's sister, Betty, a favorite Aunt of mine. 

Aunt Betty and Uncle Joe lived in a beautiful spot in rural north central Maryland. Uncle Joe had his own studio in which he spent hours painting every little blade of grass in his historically-oriented paintings, and hand-making all his own picture frames out of old barn wood, then distressing them accordingly. I was fascinated watching him work and greatly admired him. There was a calendar company who used his artwork for their monthly pictures. 

I have a few of his paintings and I enjoy seeing them hanging on my walls. I thought I'd show you a few. The extraordinary detail is, unfortunately, only seen up close.

 "Marker's Mill near Mayberry"

"Engler's Mill - 1845"

"Mt. Lofty Homestead - 1796"

Memorial Statue of General K. Warren
on Little Round Top @Gettysburg

I didn't get to spend much time with my Aunt and Uncle nor my relatives in Maryland in general, but I always remember my Uncle's big walrus mustache and the twinkle in his eye. And my Aunt, well she was the fun Aunt. 😊


We ate the last of the fruitcake a week ago and as I still had a half container of the candied fruit peel and plenty of pecans & raisins left, I decided to make another one - YAY. Turned out pretty and is busy getting mellowed with bourbon for the next few weeks.

In the other fun things department, I found a very cool, 3-tiered rustic plant stand which folds flat for storage during the off season. A thrifty thrift purchase for $5.99. Combine that with my overstock of silk flowers and you've got some nice decorations for the deck.

Neat bargain & 2 new floral arrangements

Found some really pretty florals out & about on the cheap.
I love how this one turned out, so cheery.

Still having fun with the trivets and the puff quilt. A couple of new trivets to show but still too far off for the quilt's photo-op.

Homage to Valentine's Day and matters of the heart. 

A bit of an Irish Triskelion flavor

When you end up buying a big sack of potatoes and are getting desperate to use them all, just make up a nice pan of scalloped potatoes. They freeze and reheat very well and make a sumptuous side for a grilled steak or chop.

If you're not familiar with the Greg Hurwitz 'Orphan X'
series you're missing out on a wild ride and a cool hero.

 Well, thanks for stopping by. Hope you are doing well wherever you are, and feel free to drop in again.