Wednesday, November 30, 2022

Thanksgiving comes and goes, foodie stuff

 Time scoots right along on by, but that's ok as long as everyone is healthy, happy and staying busy. It's getting late in the year and I'm starting to get a bit excited about Christmas season, but let's not forget one of my other favorites, Thanksgiving. Much more low-key, (most holidays are pretty low-key around here), and full of thanks to the Lord for all His blessings. 

By now, we are fully back in the groove around here after our return from our summer retreat. This is likely to become a food-centric post as that's what's on my mind most often.  Here's a gander at the 13#/.49¢ lb. turkey I picked up, along with the pan-roasted cornbread dressing. It was so-o good and I was thrilled it came out OK. It's been a while since I roasted a whole bird, luckily I inherited my MIL's roasting pan.

I dry-brined it overnight which added flavor and kept it moist.

We still have some of the Saraceni Blumond sparkling wine we discovered in Italy a few years back, (btw they ship to the US), to have with it. I was surprised the other day while talking to my sister - she and her clan always eat mashed potatoes with their turkey dinner. We are definitely rice people. Haha, different strokes I guess.

Here's a shot of the price tag from the turkey.

Last year I couldn't find a smallish one and 
the big ones were so expensive, so 
I was pretty happy with this year's offerings.

Many years ago I used to water-bath can jams, pickles, preserves and the like, but all the related jars/pots/utensils went away when we moved aboard Dreamtime. I decided to get back into it only this time I've invested in a good quality pressure canner in order to broaden the range of things I can put up. Sky's the limit now for sure! It'll be fun!  So I've been doing some of that, buying meats when on sale to take advantage of low prices (they're just going to go up 😒). Hence, a 2nd 49¢ per lb turkey in our freezer. 

These All American canners are awesome, and
can last forever, a super nice hand-me-down.

The great thing about putting some meats, chili or stews up is that they can be a fast and easy meal, or can become burritos, sandwich spread, casseroles etc. Who knows which way the wind will be blowing by next year. My Orthopedic Dr. wants me to have foot surgery. Can you imagine the logistics of shopping/cooking while on crutches? It would be nice to have some heat & eat's put by.  Anyway..

Here's a shot of my latest obsession, dried mango from Aldi's. It's my go to dessert these days. Try some!

I tried several brands when we were out west
and none held a candle to these.

For those of you who thrift out there, my latest great find, a stained glass, lighted Christmas votive for $2.99! Wow, really well made (and it would have taken me several hours to make myself).

This is the real deal, can't wait to put it out 
with my other decorations in another 
week or so. We like to wait until the 2nd 
week in December to decorate.

We've had some nice weather for eating out back on the deck. It's a  wonderful and intimate setting for a nice dinner.

Not to mention the lovely sunrises. Here's a shot taken about a week ago.

Morning on the lake. Our resident male swan patrols for geese
 and ducks he can run off. He can really move when he wants.

It's been a while since my last post, and I've taken a bunch of shots and have a fair amount left to say, but I think I will save some for next time.

Thanks for dropping by, hopefully it won't be so long til the next one. 😊