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We are Ed & Linda, formerly fulltime cruisers, now living as C.L.O.D.'s (cruisers living on dirt) in north Florida and northern Colorado.

Shot taken in Italy, 2018

This Blog is basically a way to keep up with the current happenings.  Our old site building tool has been obsoleted so we needed a new forum upon which to post our "doings". 

Our old site was a sailing-oriented website that we kept and maintained for 20 years.  That site is a treasure trove of travel photos and insights, boat projects and philosophies and general updates on what has been happening over the course of the years.  It's a fun read and you might enjoy checking it out.


As for us, we did fix the boat up over the course of 10 years (see the many boat pages).  YES - we did finish up our careers, sell the house and move aboard full time (2005). YES - we did cruise the Caribbean up and down all the way down to Venezuela and hang out in the island chain for almost 10 years, and YES - we did thoroughly enjoy ourselves while at it.

When Ed's Mom was widowed for the second time and approaching her mid-80's we decided to cruise halftime in and around Puerto Rico (easy flights back home) and the U.S. Virgin Islands and St. Martin and spend half the year in our  home in Orange Park, FL (bought in 2012 and made ready for this eventuality) which was about 10 miles away from her house. We stuck to this plan for about 5 years until she eventually passed away - RIP Mom.  We got to the point that we couldn't maintain the boat up to our standards anymore, after which we sold our beloved Dreamtime and moved ashore for good.

Since that time we have purchased the Keystone Cougar RLS26 for our summertime retreat (way too hot in FL!) and parked it up in a canyon in Colorado.  Our waaay-back history can be found on this page of our old site.


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