Friday, March 15, 2024

Spring flowers, food and Amelia Island Concours

 We've been blessed with some beautiful spring weather lately - clear, bright blue skies and gorgeous sunshine. It's really got the plants, trees and flowers in full pop-out mode. (I feel bad for the people with allergies. 😩) I walked around my neighborhood and thoroughly enjoyed seeing the glory of it and hearing the birds singing, hoping to meet their mates.

Azaleas, camellias and so much more all in bloom.

Plenty of fresh fruit/veg in stock, and even a Poinsettia hanging on.

We decided to take the bull by the horns and have some exterior painting done by a wonderful local painter/handyman. His company, Franklin Paint Company, is family-owned, and Dean himself is a true craftsman. Very precise, thorough and tidy. With multiple colors of paint being called for according to the HOA reg's, he ensured all 3 of ours complied. We are now worry free for many years. Normally, as DIYers, we would have tackled it ourselves as we have done in the past, but time moves on, and after seeing the results, we are sure that Dean did a much better job than we would have.

Dean painted our stucco, garage and service doors and our soffit's/trim.
He even replaced some water-damaged trim around the service door.

A week ago Saturday the Boss decided to head up to Amelia Island for the Concours d'Elegance. He just wanted to walk around the cars on the golf course "infield" as it were. As my feet are never up to big rounds of walking and standing I gave it a pass and wished him well. He had fun - the weather was good, he had a nice drive up the coast, and because he got going early, the crowds were small, which made the walking around enjoyable.

Meanwhile I did my usual chores then relaxed with some puzzling and silk floral fun.

Fresh plant for the courtyard.

Latest puzzle - it's been a tough one.

And for food, mainly reaping the rewards of good meals frozen for a rainy day. Here's a breakfast featuring some of the french fry sausage bake.

That's some homemade tomatillo/cilantro salsa on the side.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you are having yourself some fun these days, take care. 😊