Sunday, May 29, 2022

Next stop was in Paonia, Colorado

After leaving Cuchara it was time to move on to Paonia, a town I had never heard of, which is just north of the Grand Mesa and the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.  What a pretty area this part of Colorado is with some red rock formations and impressive mountains in main view. OK, I admit, as a Floridian any mountain in impressive! 

A lot of great scenery on the way, some shots taken 
while driving along so there may be some blur.

Our digs in Paonia, courtesy of Airbnb, was the finished "basement" floor of a home. Lovely property, with it's own little manicured forest and rock gardens, it was a wonderful stay. Our hosts were Californian transplants, following their son & family to Colorado some years back. They were excellent hosts. Janice even provided 1/2 n 1/2, farm fresh eggs, fresh fruit and home-baked breakfast breads and dessert offerings too!

Our first breakfast (which  was cooked in the tiny kitchenette
of the unit) was fresh scrambled eggs, blueberry coffee cake, ham
and fresh navel orange makes for a delicious start to the day.

I wouldn't be game for the upkeep but what a gorgeous yard!
It was just getting going with the peonies and irises coming on too.

Outside seating with the "local" mountain in view.

The whole bottom floor was ours to enjoy. We stayed 5 nights.

This town prides itself on being an organic, farm to table type town with locally grown fruits and veggies, wineries, and organically fed beef, lamb and poultry. I stopped at the Blue Sage Gallery and saw some great work from some of the local artists and artisans.  A story was told that one of the Dollar stores wanted to open in town and was denied, "not havin' it".  

While driving through we spotted this curiosity, someone's idea of a joke?
or someone's dream camper - doesn't look real towable.

Surely a novel rig, bound to bring plenty of stares.

Since we spent 5 nights there we did plenty of driving around. One  day we drove up to Carbondale then back down to Marble for a delicious lunch at Slow Groovin' BBQ. They had a small portion section on the menu, so I chose a slice of brisket - oh man! So delicious; tender and juicy, even Ed, the "straight-up" pork-lovin' guy", thought it was excellent. It must have been 7or 8" long - YUM!! The carnivore for the win! 

Here's a taste of the marble statuary seen out and about.

Lots of wildlife statues.

Another day we took a detour to drive through the Redstone Historic District and saw lots of red rock, a quirky main drag and blooming trees. Passed by some coke smelting ovens, and more mountains.

Having a peek and a leg stretcher.

We found it to be a really nice part of Colorado, still a bit on the sleepy side. A great leg of this trip and very enjoyable.  

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  1. That is quite the interesting camper! You are getting close to home, you have to be getting excited!

    1. I'm not sure I'd want to show up at a campground in it, and yes, pretty excited for the summer.