Sunday, January 31, 2021

Obsolete! So does this mean I'm old?!

I was dreading the day when the website tool I've been using for 20 years would become obsolete. Well, the time is nigh  -   so, here we go in blogger. I hope it will be fun, I hope it will be easy, and I hope people will be able to find us from our old domain name!  I must say our old website had it's issues displaying properly what with all the various devices and operating systems online these days.

It will take some time for me to adapt to the loss of some of the features I've been used to on the Yahoo Sitebuilder site I have authored since 2000, but I'm sure I'll adapt.  When we were so busy with several diverse projects on the boat we needed a lot of sub-sections off the main menu in order to organize photos and details about a specific project and the ability to indicate when there was updated information in any of the sections. Blogger seems to be a bit more straight forward and top-down oriented.  Well, here it goes - wish me luck!  😄

BTW - this is not my first rodeo. Back when I first started the website it was on Yahoo's Geocities platform.  When they phased that out, I ported to my own domain name and learned how to use the Yahoo Sitebuilder tool.  Although I will lose the ability to update it pretty soon, I'm keeping that domain because it contains so much information and personal history.  I have some links back to the old site under the column headings at the top of the blog, and of course, a link back to the full site too over in the sidebar.  

Anyway, as the Cap and I get older we are less likely to have quite so much to show 'n tell so Blogger should be fine for our needs going forward. 

A cute puzzle I just finished up.

We've been enjoying some pretty decent weather lately. Sunny, light to moderate breeze and temp's in the upper 60's to mid-70's. Nice! And after dark it drops pretty rapidly to mid-50's to mid-60's - just right for a session on the deck at 'ye ole' firepit.

The Cap has been busy with a "Makeover" project involving our old, beat-up utility sink in the garage.  It was a mess when we bought the place and with all our wear 'n tear projects it just got more tired.  He took it upon himself to not only replace it but also to add a very nice, durable and washable backsplash too. Here's the money shot and BTW "Honey, I LOVE it!"


  1. Hey there. Congrats on the move to Blogger. Successfully too. It is pretty straight forward, which is just what i need.
    Im on my Android right now and it looks great, will keep an eye for future posts on my laptop.
    ILIVE the puzzle, btw. Working on one right now. 😉

    1. Thanks! My neighbor has an iPad and she will let me know how that looks. Meantime, I may not post as regularly as you (kudos, btw) but we'll see.

  2. Congrats to your new blog and welcome to the Blogger family! Finally I will be up to date when you post as you appear on my blog's side menu. Love the format you chose. Looking forward to all new posts.

    1. Thanks Marlene, it's going to be a scramble to come up with something to post about in a timely fashion!