Sunday, July 4, 2021

Groceries & lunch at Odell Brewing before the 4th

 Well it was 2 weeks since our last shop and we were getting low on a few things, also a bit stir-crazy. It's been a rainy, chilly several days, lows in the high 30's to mid 40's and highs in the 50's and 60's. We wouldn't dare complain, not when we see all the heat records being broken out west and around.

Anyway, we headed out after breakfast around 8:30 and started down the canyon. What a beautiful drive, the river running alongside the road and sparkling in the sun.

Poudre River by the waterfalls

We decided for a bit of a change to take the "back" road out of the canyon, the Stove Prairie-Masonville road. It heads out of the canyon towards the south and comes out at the Horsetooth Reservoir south and west of Fort Collins. 

We took this route many times in '19 while coming to town so we would end up at the Council Tree library, where I could fetch a new pile of books with which to amuse myself. Even though we wouldn't be stopping in there this trip, as we brought many books to hold us over, the ride along the reservoir is always a treat.

More Poudre River action

Here are some shots around the Horsetooth area.  So pretty, and I think it's got some great looking geological features. Check out the rock rims running around in some of these shots.

When enlarged you can see a curved line of rocks
on the far left and a line of rocks riding the ridgeline on the 
right hand side of the shot. Really neat looking.

A shot up at the top of the entrance to the Sail & Saddle Club.

You'd get your workout in climbing down/up this road 
down to the Sail & Saddle Club.

Pretty flowers at the top.

After a small bit of an autotour, we headed down into town where we hit all the "usuals"; Home Depot, King Soopers, car wash, and gas station.

Generally we leave the grocery store until last and the Boss does the fuel-up and wash off while I'm shopping. After the Home Depot or Walmart stops, we break for lunch and lately it's been the Odell Brewing Company for us. You go into their taproom (which is a large open area) to get your beer, then outside to their fairly extensive grounds where everyone spreads way out. There is always(?) a food truck or 2 around where you can get a bite.  Very enjoyable and outdoors.

They have these huge hanging baskets full of
a mix of various gorgeous flowers

This time the food truck was Dan's Van and we got to split a delicious green chili, caramelized onion, crisp bacon, cheeseburger - wow! Totally satisfied us - add to that an order of onion rings and we were almost in a food coma. Sorry, too hungry to take a pic.

Out behind and to the right, the grounds spread out into the grass
 under the trees where there are chairs and rock tables.


  1. The Horsetooth area looks incredible, would certainly enjoy those cooler temps right about now!

    1. This whole area has some great scenery. It's a nice drive on down to Boulder via the back roads too. Last night our temp up here in the canyon was 46! Loving it! BTW, Zoey is a real cutie.