Sunday, June 27, 2021

Auto-touring around Red Feather Lakes and nearby Dowdy Lake

( A word about the Blogger issue regarding the header photo, they broke their widget and the pic doesn't display properly, so I'm removing it for now. Don't mess with your header is the lesson to be learned here. ) 😞

The other day was sunny and perfect for an auto-tour of the Red Feather Lakes area, which is almost directly north of us by about 12 miles. First off though we wanted to head north then west on county road 86 aka Deadmans see how far we could go, just scouting it out.  Eventually, we hit the dreaded "Road Closed" sign and after having noticed quite a bit of logging (beetle kill or maybe fire damage) going on in the area wondered if it was closed for logging vis-a-vis for weather-related conditions. At any rate, we stopped for a leg-stretcher and look-about and spotted this huge, rather stately but unhealthy aspen/birch (?).

These limbs look so artistic looking up
through them at the blue, blue sky.

While we were stopped an older, local gentleman hiker stopped to chat with us about the area, the fire last year and how people, especially tourists, just were not familiar with proper woodsman behaviors, unfortunately.  It is speculated that the fire originated from the Chambers Lake Campground area. An untended campfire on a breezy day can wreak havoc.

Well, after this interlude, we headed out to find a suitable picnic spot and ended up in the Dowdy Lake Campground, east of Red Feather Lakes. What a fabulous spot, and really just a few miles from our site.  A lovely lake, and lots of wildflowers made a perfect backdrop for lunch.

Dowdy Lake Day Use Picnic area even
has a walking path along side of it.

Mostly yellows and purples this month,
but definitely in profusion.

After leaving there, we came back down towards Rustic via 68C, or what we call the Shambala Road. It runs northeast to southwest past the Shambala Mountain Center, a Meditation and Buddhist Retreat with a lovely and peaceful Stupa onsite.  They had some damage to some of their out-buildings/tents but the Stupa itself was unharmed by the fire.

Photo courtesy of the Denver Post

Along the way we saw lots of beautiful scenery, plus the inevitable fire damage.

Talk about a meadow! WOW!

Twin peaks, lol

A bit of snow left on the mountaintops

Looks like a meditation rock in the pond - how serene

Fire damage, it's going to take a while 😢

And finally a shot of the horses grazing just down the road from us. 

Well, thanks for stopping by for a visit, and I hope you enjoyed it!

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