Monday, July 5, 2021

The 4th is behind us and nary a firecracker was heard.

 Our park was jumping over the 4th of July long weekend. People came out of the woodwork, it seems like every RV was occupied. Tons of gatherings, pavilions, tents and picnic tables galore, kids, bikes and dog walkers. The weather started out beautifully, sunny and warming right up but as the afternoon came on the cooler air and rain clouds made an appearance, but did keep it from getting too hot.  I only heard 2 firecrackers mid-day, I think nobody wants a repeat of the fire last year. 😢

Usually ours is the only car but not on the 4th

Now, it's mid-morning on Monday and things are definitely clearing out. Back to what is considered normal for us.  Over the weekend I had a great opportunity to get reacquainted with one of my neighbors named Donna.  We seem to both have artist's souls and crafting is a way of life for us. One thing I have been missing is my crafting buddy, Shawn, formerly on the catamaran 'Libertas' but now living on land in Tennessee. Hopefully Donna and I will have an opportunity to do some crafting/visiting over the summer.

Shawn and I having fun, circa 2010

Some people knit or crochet but I enjoy making (and giving away) beaded paperclip bookmarks, or working on a fabric trivet. It's busy work but I got used to doing something crafty to while away the hours while living aboard 'Dreamtime' and I still enjoy it.  Lately, it seems like I cook to while away the hours and I have to say Ed loves my efforts, lol.

Easy breezy bookmarks, they never fall out!

Fabric wall art/trivet, more of these including the process
can be found at this link - TRIVETS

About 2 weeks ago Ed ordered one of those triangular shade cloths to bring a bit more shade into the center of the yard.  We were getting some pretty hot afternoons (mid-80's) there for a while. The funny thing is after it came in and got hung up we fell into a chilly/rainy weather pattern, lol! It is great though and I know we will surely be needing it again soon.

Ed's ready for the sun.

I love looking around at the various flowers, flags and other patriotic signage here in our "neighborhood". A few examples to follow.

These are the most beautiful columbines ever!!

These folks were also flying a U. S. Navy flag.

With a last shot of the morning sun on the canyon walls I'll leave it with you. Thanks for visiting and feel free to comment! Until next time.

Everybody takes care to be presentable and welcoming.

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  1. Isn't that always the way - buy a shelter and the weather changes. No worries, I'm positive you'll need and use it often! :)