Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Calendar Year-End and the Holidays are fast approaching

 I can't believe just how fast the weeks and months are zipping by, although the days seem only a little bit faster. The holidays are almost upon us and I have to say I'm getting excited by the prospect! With such a small family these days (attrition is a b**ch), it's hard to think about going to all the effort of decorating the house and cooking gorgeous, elaborate holiday feasts. Lucky for me, it's fun!

In years past we have joined our neighbors for a delicious pot-luck at the pool pavilion for Thanksgiving. Loads of wonderful sides and desserts along with the "host-provided" turkey/ham. Very enjoyable way to spent the day. However, last year Covid put the kibosh on that - rats. During the Holidays we had simple but lovely meals in our Florida Room, just the 2 of us, followed by a stroll around the neighborhood.

This is 2021 New Year's Day dinner

I imagine we will do the same this year as well and be thankful for our health and blessings.

Speaking of thankfulness, I'm so thankful for all the bloggers out there that routinely post about the "who/what/where/when and how" of their daily lives. It really makes me feel connected to them even if we haven't met yet.  And more to the point, it reassures me that regardless of the "wackos" out there, and the (awful) daily news, the world is still filled with good people, who are doing their best to share their way of life, their recipes, their pet shenanigans, their farms, gardens and projects, their travel adventures and to otherwise teach and inform their audience. It's wonderful to know that I can find "good news" out there!

In other news, I got a notion yesterday to bake cookies. I realized that it has been months since I baked anything other than savory dishes & pizza, and with the holiday baking season upon us, it was definitely time.  I had everything I needed to bake butterscotch, pecan and coconut cookies, and boy, they turned out tasty. I made up a few gift bags for some people that have been kind to me, and I'll get those delivered today.

We love our pizza nights!

Cookies in one of my many cookie tins, plus gift bags.

One day after doing a grocery shop, I came home to find my husband had rearranged my kitchen countertop appliances - I think my comments were "WHA?!, then NO!" Of course he can testify that I always say NO to start with; "Can I help you with that? - no", "Do you want to take trip into outer space? - no". After a few minutes/days to ponder, I usually find he's had a great idea and the real answer is - YES! We are funny creatures, oh yeah. (And I have a very patient husband!)

Anyway, he had grown tired of seeing me have to pickup the 14# Ninja Foodie and move it, so he made a sliding, swivel base and repositioned it to the corner of the countertop. How smart, how perfect, "Thanks Honey!"  💖

Former position under my wonderful analog
Amana Radarange that came with the house 😊

Tucked up in the corner with the rarely used
Toaster Oven now under the microwave cabinet.

Pulled forward on the slides for use.

This  shows the slides and swivel feature.
While we're in the kitchen I just wanted to take a moment to talk about grits, the under-rated by many breakfast side. When making grits, use stock in place of water, at least 50% stock and take your time cooking it. Mine might hangout on the stove for an hour or two, just slow simmering, with me adding more water/butter as necessary. And use plenty of salt, (btw - Ed calls me the salt monster). After mine have cooked and slightly cooled I pour them into rectangle shaped plastic containers and stick them in the fridge. The next day they have congealed nicely, so I pop them out onto the cutting board and divide in half. For us, each half will do for 2 breakfasts. Next, into baggies and into the freezer. They reheat just great in the microwave. I'll generally make enough for 2 plastic containers with 1 set of servings set aside - look-out bacon, here we come!

Lovely grits - ready for the freezer.

Finally, time to get this post wrapped-up and I'll close with a shot of one of my silk flower outdoor baskets that dresses up the dockside wall.  Pretty soon I'll have to change them over to Christmas arrangements.

I love the "set 'em and forget 'em" aspect or silk arrangements.

Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to check us out, we appreciate it.  Take care, God bless and stay healthy.


  1. What a clever idea Ed had with that slide/swivel tray. There are so many new designs when it comes to kitchens and gadgets nowadays. When I have the opportunity to visit an IKEA store I always spend some time in their kitchen design models to see what is new. Love the looks of your pizza dish and bet it was delicious.

    1. It's true, you never know what's percolating in our men's minds - but it's usually clever. We don' have any Ikea's here but I would love a look-see. As far as the pizza goes, we enjoy it so much I make it in a 10x15 baking pan now so we have plenty of leftovers for breakfasts/lunches.

  2. I guess Ed is a keeper! Looks like a smart repositioning to me. :)
    As for grits, I wouldn't know the first thing about how to make them or what they're even made up of. Your idea looks great (you must be a keeper too). Once we sit for longer than a week, I'll also get into a baking mood again.

    1. Yep, he's a keeper alright - coming up on 47 yrs in Jan! We love having grits for breakfast along with our bacon and eggs. It's coursely ground corn. Some restaurants let them get cold like that, then cut them up in various shapes, batter and deep-fry them, then use them for things like shrimp & grits.

  3. So glad to be able to see the Foodi arrangement! How clever that man is! You're lucky to have him; he's lucky to have you cooking! The perfect couple~ :)

    1. Hey, thanks for that! I do have a clever one and luckily he loves my cooking - yay.