Saturday, October 30, 2021

Temps are cooling off, neighborhood clean-up & puzzle action

We have finally started having some pleasantly cool days which means open windows (and doors) all around.  The Boss has been spending his days tinkering around in the garage doing clean-up, and organizing all the many bit's and bob's we seem to have accumulated, lol. After living onboard in the Eastern Caribbean for all those years it's tough to throw anything out, you're bound to need it the very next day or week! 

One of our neighbors is moving and some loose shelving ended up out front, fair game for the DIY'er in the house and now installed, we've added a few more square ft of storage space in the garage closets.

A lovely evening shot of our lake, brought to you by Ralph Bonna,
one of our excellent neighborhood photographers.

On the neighborhood front, one of our neighborhood "movers & shakers" organized a clean-up day aimed at picking up any yard debris, sticks, palm tree "boots" and general trash that might be keeping our little neighborhood from looking it's best as we head into holiday season. Several people showed up and within a couple of hours we had a couple of pickup truck loads of yard debris headed to the landfill for composting. It was a great day for it, overcast and high 60's at the start.

The focus was on the main entry drive, where the trash
(from pedestrians) tends to accumulate.

The boss, in the ball cap, and another stalwart neighbor.

Here's another sunset shot to amaze you, taken by an across-the-lake neighbor. We are so fortunate to have water in our views.

Sunset shot by Susan Merrill

As I mentioned in the previous posts cooking and good food make the world go around and in the spirit of that sentiment, I baked up the sausage, cabbage and veggie quiche-like casserole. It is covered in detail on the Recipe page on but here is a shot of the ingredients ready to be assembled.

On the left, smoked sausage & mushrooms, right is shredded cabbage,
carrots, and celery, and in front onion, tomatoes, parsley and cilantro.

An egg, milk, flour and spice mixture is poured over the combined
ingredients and topped with cheese. Makes a great side dish.

And finally, to finish things off a shot of the last 2 puzzles I worked on. They were both fun and colorful.

Thanks a bunch for visiting, leave a comment if you feel like it. Bye for now.


  1. The quiche ingredients would be great for me, Bill would turn up his nose at the cabbage. Men! haha
    Love the puzzles, I'm looking forward to being in some parks this winter with those available in the clubhouse. :)

    1. That would be great, I hope that's common like book exchanges. I took a puzzle roll-up mat out with me and had mixed luck with it. Got a small puzzle within a few pieces of being finished and a breeze happened - lol. It's a funny thing about the cabbage being sliced up fine and sautéed before baking, you can't really taste it. We all like what we like though.

  2. That sunset shot is so Great! I'm planning to make the quiche tomorrow; you make it look so easy...We'll see!

  3. We love cabbage and I use it often. Haven't made a quiche with it yet but it sounded good. Those two puzzles could be framed, they looked that interesting. The park and surrounding area at your house looked very neat and clean. Good job Ed!