Saturday, December 2, 2023

Final Fall Happenings, Craft Fair & Food

 Seems like I haven't been much in the mood to write a blog post lately - too busy for the most part.  What's been going on you ask?

My friend & neighbor invited me to share her booth at a Women's Club Christmas craft fair. Since I pretty much had booth set-up stuff and plenty of inventory I figured I'd stick a toe in, with the added benefit of actually attending a fair (it has been so long - covid and crowds 😥). This promised to be a smaller affair and as it was happening on Veteran's Day, with competition from parades and other activities, I figured it wouldn't be too big of a madhouse. It wasn't bad at all. Not a ton of traffic and most people wanted Christmas crafts and doodads, so my trivets and jewelry didn't stand much of a chance. I did sell a trivet - one, lol. Here's a few shots of some of the booths. Lots of impressive stuff.

This lady works on her stuff all year getting ready for show.

My "little corner" 😊

This lady has some beautiful Christmas florals in hand
made and hand painted wooden boxes. So neat!

Debby's offerings - she did pretty well

These pretties made me wish I got dressed-up still.

So that was a fun way to spend the day. And it was educational too, meaning I won't be doing craft fairs or bothering to put much effort into "selling" my goodies. I do get some business through word of mouth and that is enough. I've also read some not-so-good reports on some of the changes to the Etsy platform, so I'm not going to go there either. OK then.

We did a full-fledged Thanksgiving dinner cooking the 14# turkey I got for "free" from BJ's, and making a big pile of dressing & gravy. We have plenty of future dinners in the bag - including Christmas dinner. "Gasp! You're doing leftovers for Christmas??" You betcha!

Turkey from year to year look pretty much the same. so
since I forgot to take a pic this year...LOL!

Hey, I got into the pot pie mode the other day, and boy were we glad. So tasty and the other 3/4's of the pie makes for 3 easy re-heatable meals. This one was Tex-Mex chicken and it came out tasty.

Reheat covered, in a low oven (225°F)

I also got the burrito machine up an running - chicken, black bean and peppers for this first go round. Can you tell that chicken quarters have been on sale lately? 

Wrapped and ready to go into the freezer. Reheat in a covered
frying pan with salsa verde and sharp cheddar plus Mexican rice.

I had a great catch-up gabfest lunch at TGIF's with my friend Nancy. Our last lunch was back in the spring so we had a lot to say, haha. She's doing great and looks wonderful - staying busy too.

I'm working on a big outdoor project and that's taking up a lot of time. I won't cover that today but hopefully in the next post.

And I finally pulled out a puzzle and have started enjoying that pastime again.

Y'all have fun, Happy -belated- Thanksgiving, and thanks for stopping by.


  1. That looks like a cool event. But what really looked good was your turkey and pot pie. Now I am hungry!

    1. Yep, the fair was fun and I did pick a couple of things up for Christmas. My Mom used to serve pot pies (the frozen kind) when my Dad travelled for work. I've always loved them.

  2. Hey, your creations are beautiful! That small craft fair did not have enough people traffic, so don't be discouraged from the outcome. Also the more the better, so next opportunity put lots of trivets on the table and I guarantee you'll sell more than one :-) Your food looks amazing as always and I know it taste wonderful.

    1. Thanks, good ideas all around. If I do it again I'll find a bigger table. I didn't want to encroach too much - the booth was only 10x10. The turkey roasted up nicely and the breast was so juicy and delicious.

  3. A craft booth would be intimidating for me. I also made a pot pie from our Thanksgiving bird. Hope things slow down.

    1. And garage sales too, people being people. I'm out of practice at "bantering", which is pretty necessary when trying to sell. Oh well, I have other talents, lol.

  4. Really a lot of nice little things.