Monday, October 9, 2023

Wrap-up at Rocky, trip home

With the end of summer closing in fast it was time to think about making winter preps to Rocky and picking out a weather window for a safe, smooth trip back home. The Boss started checking out the forecast and planning the route and I researched some likely overnight stops based upon his suggestions.

Since the wanderlust bug hits my sweetie especially hard while out west, I always try to encourage him to take a solo trek for a few nights or so. That way he can enjoy the roads less well travelled while I have a few days to myself. I'm not especially anxious to ride around right before the 1900 mile trek back home, and so he took off for points northwest, namely the Tetons, Yellowstone (just a bit) and Montana. I'll put a few pics together for that and do a side post sometime.

He complains about the picture quality provided by
his cellphone but this looks pretty beautiful to me!

I love being by myself for those deep-cleaning projects that require my undivided attention. Rugs, floors, windows, organizing and culling clothes and dishware, it's all cathartic and fun (believe it or not 😊). 

While not cleaning or streaming a show, I checked out the bunnies and turkeys that wander through the park and spent quite a bit of time chit-chatting with Liz, my neighbor, over the fence. So great to have such super, super nice friends out here! 😍 She was so thoughtful, she surprised me bigtime with a wonderful gift and card for my birthday, (it was a big one too, a decade-buster). A cool Tervis mug with handle, great for arthritic hands, and a triple bundt cake assortment - Liz you're too much, thanks for making it memorable!

Wonderful surprise gift

Anyway, I made several trivets while the Boss was gone, (you need something to do when you're sitting around by yourself). Too many to include but here's a collage of a few.

All in all, I think I made a half a dozen or seven! It was fun.

After he got back and rested up for a few days, we got everything all buttoned up with Rocky and spent the night in Cheyenne for easy access the next day to I80. We stopped in Nebraska City, NE for another night at Lied Lodge, primarily for a special birthday dinner in their restaurant 'Timbers', and special it was. I had a beautiful, melt-in-your-mouth filet mignon and he had a well-seasoned pork fillet (which was to die for), and our evening in their lovely dining room was a quiet affair and very much appreciated.

Image of Timbers @ Lied Lodge (google)

As we head east there's lots of cotton ready for harvesting (as far as the eye can see in some places.)

After another routine night along the way in Missouri we were headed for a 2-night stay at the Pickwick Landing State Park Inn in Tennessee. Talk about a fancy-pants place! I guess it's a popular venue for various conferences. 

Lobby/reception area heading towards the restaurant

The view onto the Tennessee waterway @ Pickwick Landing
(my water-baby getting his fix).

We enjoyed our stay there and spent time touring the Shiloh Battlefield/Museum and the Tennessee River Museum in Savannah, TN. Both were very interesting and the battle story was poignant, brave and sad all at the same time. 

The Battlefield Museum had a film that chronicled the events, the strategies and the eventual losses by both sides - more than 23 thousand died.

The little town of Savannah was neat & tidy with some grand old homes and a nice town square. They were getting the fall decorations set up.

Our next stop was in Pine Mountain, Georgia at the Mountain Top Inn and Resort. It's just down the road from Callaway Gardens and the Warm Springs Winery, plus FDR's Little White House and hiking. Of course, we were simply overnighting there so we didn't get a real feel for the area. As you can see is wasn't the prettiest of days either.

Heading up the mountain we stopped at an overlook area.

The last stretch home was down through central Georgia and north-central FL and boy, did we see a lot of wind damage (from the hurricane) along the interstate. Lots of trees down and work crews out and about.

Taken out the car window as we flew by.

We made it home safely, and enjoyed factoring in the extra day for a brief relax along the way.  Everything was all squared away at home and now the general cleaning, organizing and stocking up is cranking up to high gear. 

Thanks for dropping by and see you next time.


  1. You are very adventurous. Time sure flies. It feels like you just left. Summer just flew by.

  2. Sounds like a quick trip but I'm sure it was a very nice one. I can't believe the summer is gone!

    1. It was nice, took a week, around 500 miles per day. Yes, we leave Rocky out there.

  3. Well, the first photo I would frame! What a beautiful scenery. So you both got some lone time and I guess you both enjoyed your own time just how you liked it. How fantastic to have that special birthday dinner at the Lied Lodge. I bet the ambiance was just fitting for your big day. Congrats again!

    1. Thanks! Yes, Lied Lodge has great dinner ambiance, a wall of windows overlook the orchard. I think we both enjoy a little alone time. He was gone for a week.