Monday, June 13, 2022

Leftover trip highlights and some doings around here

I finally took the time to dump the pics from his phone and found a few nice shots, so I've decided to include them here as well as to do a "catch-up" session from Rocky.

Because Ed's not only braver than I am, but taller as well, he got a few nice shots of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison.

One year we camped down at the bottom of the
canyon at the East Portal Campground. Totally 
different perspective at the bottom.

Between the sheerness of the cliff faces and the depths
to the bottom to the narrowness of the canyon itself,
Gunnison is truly unique.

Here's a nice shot from that same drive, not exactly sure where the shot as taken.

Might have to use this one for the header shot. Nice trail!

When we first got here in Rustic we had a few cold snaps, one of which garnered some snow for us on the last day of May.  Here's a shot from the next morning, so pretty, but obviously didn't stick around more than a half day.

Not much more than a dusting but fun to see snow falling.

We went into town for a shop-up the other day and boy, did we get shopped-up! I could barely squeeze it all into the fridge and freezer but didn't dare use the small fridge we have out back - bears.  All 'n all a great day that involved lunch at Odell's Brewing Co and one of the food truck burgers.

They always have the most glorious salvia by their signage.

Odell's courtyard, large, and full of tables/chairs.

I've been working on getting the flowers I picked up the other day planted so we might have a lovely, flowery yard since we spend so much time out there.  

Looking out of our yard 

The following shot was taken last July and demonstrates how many wildflowers there are around the Poudre Canyon and surrounding areas. I hope we get a show like this this year as well.

Beautiful, isn't it?

The Glen Echo staff held a seasonal customer appreciation luncheon on Saturday and it was a delicious Mexican spread, including beer and wine. A pretty good turnout was had and a nap was required afterwards, lol.

These are just some of the seated folks. 

Linda's deconstructed taco's, pork, chicken and ground beef - yum.

Finally, we had a big rain shower the other day and afterwards we had a swarm of Western Yellow Swallowtail butterflies show up for the minerals (I guess) - very cool.

They didn't mind me at all, super intent on getting whatever they were after.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by for a visit.

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