Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Another Yard Project and taking off for parts known and unknown.

This is another after the fact catch-up post covering the early part of May. Hopefully, one more and we'll be current. We are actually in Colorado now but sadly, the wifi is slow and spotty this season for some reason.

There was another large yard project that needed to be accomplished before heading out west for the summer - the palm tree beds on the dock level. There are 2 sections with 2 palm trees in each. These pics are of 1 of the beds.

After finishing up the rocks and the pavers out front I needed to tackle the palm tree beds down below on the dock level. The indoor/outdoor carpet (fake grass) had worn very thin, and the weed barrier underneath wasn't doing much better. The job entailed a thorough weeding, then temporarily removing the lava rocks from the beds, installing new weed barrier, and laying down new indoor/outdoor carpeting on top of the old stuff, then adding the lava rocks back to the beds. Hopefully, all this will keep the weeds down and allow our lakeside back yard to stay reasonably presentable while we are out west for the summer.

Here's a collage of the steps and a separate shot of the final outcome (from the deck level.)

Top left - weeds & tired carpet, bottom left - weeds pulled &removal
of the lava rocks, top right - new weed barrier, bottom right - new carpet.

The after shot with lava rock back in place.    

After this project wrapped up, it was time to head out for the summer with a few stops on the way. Up first was an overnight at  Lake Guntersville State Park Lodge. Wow, what a gorgeous spot, and the Lodge and restaurant were quite nice too. It's a popular venue for graduation parties and weddings and the like. Our room was very nice and even had a lake view balcony.

A beautiful lake shot as the sun sets.

Morning shot after breakfast.

We were on the fast track up to Nashville where Ed would be joining the American Cruise Lines Tennessee River cruise, and I would be heading off to visit a special girlfriend who was long overdue a visit from me.

The cruise package included an overnight the evening before departure at the GORGEOUS Gaylord Opryland Resort & Convention Center. Wow, just wow! A huge atrium in the center with hundreds upon hundreds of tropical plants, plus waterfalls, lakes/ponds(?) and many different pathway levels for strolling. Restaurants, shops and more. Lots of people too, and noisy. Check it out sometime. Suffice it to say the room rates are steep!

We had a nice dinner at a Tex-Mex inspired restaurant where I had a bowl of delicious pozole and a chili verde chicken taco, and a carne burrito with all the trimmings was the Boss's choice. Afterwards a wonderful and lengthy stroll. I must have taken 50 pic's at least. Here are a few random ones for your enjoyment.

Lots of private nooks to enjoy.

Look at the scope of this place!

More than one fountain.

It's huge inside - you can get lost.

The Boss on one of the paths.

Eye-catcher right at the entrance.

I could go on...

Needless to say, it was a once in a lifetime experience, and thoroughly enjoyable. The next morning Ed headed off on his adventure and I headed off on mine. I'll cover that in the next blog post which will be coming up soon.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. That garden is beautiful. Thank you for sharing. It sounds like you have had quite a few adventures.

    1. For a plant lover that place was amazing! Just getting started with the adventures. 🙃

  2. Both sound like quite the adventures, cannot wait to hear about them!

    1. Yes, a good time was had by all. I just can't wait to get caught up on the blog.

  3. Great start to your summer vacation and I bet you could have spent more time in both locations. You pampered your palm trees and I'm sure they will do fine until your return.

    1. I was really gratified that I managed to get both big yard projects completed, I'm not as strong or as "bendy" as I once was, that's for sure. Definitely a weight off my mind.