Friday, March 17, 2023

Sewing Projects, and more Cooking Exploits

 I've been continuing to work on my various sewing projects and even to invest in some more colorful fabrics for quilts, trivets or whatever else I can dream up. When we head out west I will have a bag full of trivet supplies to take for my amusement. The quilt topper is finished and now I just need to sew on the backing. Being as this is the first quilt I've made, I am finding this last step a bit daunting. I'm using a fleece throw and I'm not sure how easy it will be to work around the edges with. I know, it's 85° out and I need a quilt why? 😀 It will look pretty on the bed during the day and on the floor at night, lol.

Crazy bright puff quilt topper - tada! Each fabric square represents
material I used to make a trivet with, so I love them all so much.

I had also decided to downsize my cross-body purse to something more dainty. The big one is great for travelling and has, in addition to the essentials, every manner of things in it, like lotion, mints, a nail file, meds, & wet wipes, but around town for errands, too big & unwieldy.

I happened upon some fairly decent looking faux leather fabric at Walmart and figured that would do fine. $5 later, here's what I ended up with, a quick little bag with velcro closure. It'll hold wallet, phone, keys, lipstick, advil and that's about it.

The other night after a big shopping day, (grocery, drugstore, library,, I was pooped so I pulled out of the freezer an old standby - a beef and black bean burrito.  Add the fancy Tex-Mex rice w/onions, corn and cheese & you've got a delicious gem. I use a combination of enchilada sauce & salsa, plus a dollop of the chipotle sauce mixed in as a topper while cooking.

Believe it or not, we get 1 dinner each and 1 breakfast (w/egg)
each and we still feel like we pigged out a bit. So good.

I've been tackling a few pressure canning opportunities as I find meat on sale, (Ms. Frugal here 😊), and this week I found 10# bags of chicken leg quarters on sale for $4.70 a bag! I bought 2. There are about 10 leg quarters per bag, and sure, they have a fair amount of skin/fat on them and may have come from older birds, but they're great in a casserole, a stew, or even pulled off the bone for burritos or chicken salad.  I set some aside raw to grill later, and froze a few too.

I chose quart-sized jars and got 5 quarts.
Each quart held something like 3-4 drums and 2-3 thighs.

I can them using the raw pack method, so after rinsing, I skin them, take off excess fat and cut the drum/thigh apart. Most of them have a small portion of the back attached (with the oyster), so I cut those off too and use them to make broth. Into clean jars, bone and all, with just a skosh of chicken stock and some salt. They cook in their own juices. Great to have a few of these handy for soups or easy meals.

And lastly on the food topics, I was (finally) on the other side of town within easy reach of this fantastic Oriental Market - they are huge and have been at that location for many years. I was on the hunt for dried mushrooms. After trying to source them online, I decided I'd rather pick them out in person, and at a better price.  Eons ago, I took a cooking class with the emphasis on Chinese dishes and enjoyed using Cloud Ear mushrooms. I have wanted to round up another package, so we made a stop. I bought 3 different types to try, as well as some ultra fresh bean sprouts. We'll see how they do.

2 different types of shitake's and one of the cloud ear
 (black fungus is how it's labelled).

The reason we were on the other side of town was to freshen-up the funerary flowers on the family plot. We try to get by a couple of times a year. I can't believe it's been 5 years since Ed's Mom passed, talk about time flying by.. we certainly still miss her!

Finally, from my Irish roots and for my Mom & Sister, both born on this date, I'd like to wish you a 

Well, that's about it for today, thanks for stopping by and check back again soon. Appreciate you taking the time to read it. 💚


  1. What a pretty and colourful quilt. That was a lot of sewing those puffy squares. Do you have to stitch the backing in-between the squares too? Love the looks of that pan with the burritos and would love to eat them too!! I've purchased those big bags of chicken thighs and cooked them without the skin and froze them in batches after deboning them.

    1. Thanks! I think you are suppose to tack the backing to the front every few squares, we'll see how that goes.

  2. Happy birthday to your mom and sister! We have never canned anything, but I think it is in our future. She did buy a dehydrator the other day, so we have been experimenting with that recently.

    1. Thanks Jim. I too have a dehydrator from years ago but haven't spent much time with it. I love the canner though.

  3. Good luck with your quilt. I am going to try the Tex-Mex recipe. It looks delicious. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for the visit Bonnie, I'm going to check out your blog. The burritos are so easy and great. I usually make 6-8 at a time and throw them in the freezer.

  4. The quilt and the colors of the fabric in the photo are lovely! Its wonderful to take something along to stitch on......have a wonderful time doing so! Your little purse looks wonderful! I find it is always hard for me to downsize from my handbag.........I really tire after lugging it around. How wonderful to be smart and thrifty and to can your foods! I have never heard of these types of mushrooms and I have never visited an Asian have inspired I need to give it a try!

    1. Thanks! I love the bright batiks, so cheerful. Very true about lugging a big bag and a real bummer when they go flying in the car after a quick stop, haha. The shitake's looked so appealing, but they're new to me too, fingers crossed.