Sunday, January 29, 2023

Nearly February, and Life Trucks Along

 Just thought I'd take a few minutes to write a catch-up post, although there really isn't much going on out of the ordinary. But life is what you make it, and we try to have fun any way we can, within legal boundaries of course, lol.

The weather here in North Florida has been pretty good all in all. We have our cold snaps that last a few days, and our rainy days which also usually last a day or 2 but otherwise mostly sunny and high's in the low 70's. In other words pretty darn nice. We get some nice sunrises around here, and some spectacular ones, especially during the cold snaps.

I'd relegate this to the "nice" category but even so..
very peaceful & a pretty good way to start the day.

Since we don't get that much cold weather and since we've gotten fairly lazy we decided to nix the whole wood-burning aspect of our great room fireplace and go with an inexpensive electric fireplace insert. Mainly for ambience but also for that little bit of heat when we want it. In our house, gas logs are not an option, but I have to say, for $160 @ Walmart, we're pretty happy with the results. We really got spoiled with our electric fireplace in Rocky and thought we'd try to replicate it at home.

All in all, not too shabby and after staring at a gaping black maw
for so long this is a very pleasant change. And to think, I used to
be the resident pyromaniac, fire-starter around here!

I've spent a fair amount of time in the craft room, working on my puff quilt and doing some beadwork. (Gratuitous selfie goes here).

But with the play-offs, I've been "triveting" too - (is that a word?) Hey, it's fun, they look pretty and are quite useful too.

Can you tell that blues are my favorite? You should see my closet, lol.
The bottom one is a work in progress that should be finished
by the time all the play-off are over today.

These are my remaining trivets. I keep them
stored like this so I can enjoy them.

My next door neighbor just had a 90th birthday and her daughters threw a very nice party for her which even included her daughter and grown grandson over from their home in Germany. She took a few trivets home to share with her family/friends. (Wow, they're global baby! HAHA 😁) I think everybody needs some pretty in their lives. I used to sell them when we lived onboard Dreamtime down in the Caribbean, but now I just gift them to friends. Here's a link here if you want to see more. TRIVETS.

In the kitchen, about a week or so ago I was organizing the freezer and almost threw away the frozen overripe bananas I had stashed in there (so tired of "tripping" over them, they're not exactly stackable!! grrr! πŸ˜–) but cooler heads prevailed and I instead made banana bread. So good - recipe on the Dreamtime site here just scroll down til you find it.

I do get out and thrift during a grocery run once in a while, and look what I found for $3 - a gorgeous, blue Pyrex deep dish pie pan! Well, I guess there must be a pot pie in the offing, right? πŸ˜€

What a score!! Hey, it's blue - cool!

Beef pot pie - for the first time I tried using an
egg wash and look how glossy!

Even with egg prices so high, we still have them nearly every day, and one morning while making breakfast they looked amusing - like cats-eye glasses, cross-eyed. 

Haha - couldn't resist the picture.

That's about it for this update, but I have more on tap, so check back in a while. If you feel so inclined leave a comment - I love hearing from y'all. Have a great day!


  1. Internationally renowned trivet maker. Now that's something to put on your resume!

  2. Thanks, the picking out and twirling up are the best parts. The sewing can be pretty tedious - I have to use needle nose pliers to pull the needle through the thickest parts.

  3. I love your trivets and purses. You could have a stand at any local "art in the park" events and I bet you'd sell all of them!

    1. Thanks Marlene! I need to make a new purse pretty soon for me to use. The one I'm currently using (which I also made) is too big. I made it for our 2018 river cruise and it's getting tired, lol.

    2. It's funny, a lot of people don't have a clue about trivets, they almost sold better when I stressed them as a decorative wall hanging, haha.