Sunday, February 13, 2022

February fun, food and jewelry making.

 It is nearly mid-February and it seems like Spring is about ready to be sprung. We had a dandy start to the blooming season of the azaleas around here, however a cold snap to just below freezing put the kibosh on that. There are more blooms in the offing so we'll just have to be patient.  In the meantime, during these chilly and rainy days it's all about passing the time with chores, cooking pleasures, books and other generalized amusements.

Over the past few year's I've enjoyed making up a big batch of enchilada wraps and freezing them individually. That way I can pull them out one at a time and have a ready-made easy dinner, just add salsa, raw onions and cheese to the frying pan with the wrap and cover. Voila, in 30 minutes you have the tastiest treat. 

What is my dilemma you ask? All the leftover flour tortillas sitting in my pantry until they get so old/dried out that I toss them. Enter the tortilla wrap sandwich, which I understand had a huge showing on the internet a while back. You've probably seen the videos of people making them. Well, I'm here to say that they've become quite popular in our house for a lunchtime treat. Usually, we each do our own thing for lunch but occasionally I'll make up a "specialty wrap" which we will share. 

So, the other day I had some leftover caramelized onions and cooked bacon which together with smoked turkey coldcut meat, sliced tomatoes and pepperjack cheese made for the perfect wrap sandwich. Very easy to make once you see how to fold them. Basically, you cut from the center out to the edge (radius line) and think of the tortilla in quarters. Dress each quarter as you wish then fold one quarter onto the next. I generally fold in a counter-clockwise direction. Then I give it a bit of a spritz of olive oil, and pop it into the air fryer for about 5 minutes, flip and let go for another 3 mins and you've got it.

Just serve with some chips and you've got it. This is 1/2 of 1/4
of the sandwich - uh, 1/8th I guess, lol.

Moving on, I read blogs where "certain people" do a lot of home improvement or difficult home repair projects. While I applaud their diligent efforts, I'm afraid I'm not up to those tasks (anymore). Once, I was able to shimmy and squeeze myself down into our lazarette bins on Dreamtime in order to TSP clean and paint them (and a hundred other difficult and tedious jobs). Now I'm lucky if I can find the wherewithal to finish sand, and stain an oak banister. It was fun though.

I have managed to find time, in between my cooking exploits, to practice making copper wire-wrapped jewelry, It is time consuming but pleasurable. Herre's a couple of examples.

A little blurry in this shot. I like how it came out.

This is my first attempt at "hammering",
I love the texture it gives the piece.

And lastly, I did find time to make more cookies, pecan, butterscotch, & coconut with a few dark chocolate chips thrown in for good luck. Hot tea and a cookie is a great way to wind up the day.

A sweet treat for sure.

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  1. Opps, typo in that last comment....

    That railing looks awesome but even more impressive is that jewelry! I do not have the skills or patience for such an undertaking!

    1. Thanks! It's so strange to work on weaving and after 30 minutes you've only got a small sniglet done. It's fun though.

  2. That jewelry came out beautifully! However,
    the cookies look like 'da bomb'! Now I'm

    1. Thank you! Who knew I could actually make something like that. The boss likes these the best.

  3. That recipe for the tortillas I should keep in mind when I have the grandkids over again. I know they will love them. Your jewelry making is getting quite good. Keep it up!

  4. Thanks Marlene, it was fun! The wraps are quite filling if you eat a whole quarter, but I think the kids would enjoy the chance.

  5. What a busy gal! Love the tortillas, my quesadillas are similar but I've never done them in the air fryer. Thx for the tip.
    Lovely jewellery. 😍

    1. And I have never made a quesadilla, go figure! Thanks Patsy, the jewellery has been a fun challenge.