Sunday, February 14, 2021

A chilly week ends with rain and an OMG burger

 This past week started out pretty chilly and grey then migrated towards warmer by becoming wetter. During the early part of the week I was lucky enough to get some ribs prepped  for the grill and the Cap made it so in his usual fine style. TASTY! He also did some hanging out by the firepit.

Too bad I had to use flash but you get the idea.

Meanwhile, I'm a bit of a broken record, cooking breakfast, reading books, doing puzzles and watching the tube, cooking supper. Normally, here I would say "normally I would be out and about grocery shopping, going to the library, thrifting for treasures, chatting with neighbors, etc", but that's probably the same story for you.  Let us live through this blah-ness.

I think I told you about making french toast, freezing it
and reheating it in the microwave- there you go. 

Latest Puzzle effort

So, once a month or so we indulge in a burger and a beer. This had become a pub treat for us during our time out in Colorado.  Once a week or every 10 days we would drive 80 miles round trip to go into town and hit Home Depot or Lowes, the library, the thrift (for a pot lid or some useful doodad) and King Sooper's for some grocery shopping.  Sandwiched in there would be a visit to the local pubs for a burger and a beer.

One of our favorites

Great burgers and fries
and a nice variety of beers

They also have a wonderful ambiance
and a huge selection of whiskeys.

Well, since we didn't go out west this year we've had to take the bull by the horns and take our shot at it.  This entails prepping the patties (I buy frozen, yes, I know. Can I balance that out by saying I grind my own turkey for turkey items?). They then get shaped into a medium thick, bun-sized shape and sprinkled with Montreal steak seasoning on 1 side and Mrs. Dash Garlic & Herbs on the other, plus a couple of drops of Worcestershire sauce. They then get covered and allowed to marinate for a bit.  We always plan this to be a late lunch/supper sort of thing, because this certainly fills us up. We substitute out baked beans and tortilla chips for the fries.

Cap has perfected the grilling portion of this endeavor and we get to "omg'ing" as we eat it.  SO good!! Fixings include mustard, mayo, lettuce, tomato, sweet onion and (dill pickles for him).  Mine comes as a cheeseburger, yeah!

The plating could be prettier
but you can't beat the taste!

Add to that a likely brewski, Intuition I-10 IPA for me, and a refreshing Yuengling Lager for him and what a meal.

I can pick it up at Publix

Of course, we soon end up in a bit of a food coma and then it's just small "snackage" and hot tea for the remains of the day.

It's Valentines Day and my sweetie honored this commercially-driven hallmark holiday anyway!  So thoughtful and sweet. Love you Honey.

Perfectly shareable too.

Hope y'all are having a great day, and thanks for visiting.


  1. Happy Valentine's Day you two! Seems like we're all forced to do things differently with the hopes of *soon* just around the corner.
    The food looks great, especially the burgers. Yum.
    Oh btw, I'd love to borrow that puzzle! :) teehee
    Nice to see it was a wonderful day for you.

  2. Hey thanks Patsy, I think you have done some great puzzles. I find it very relaxing for some reason. Today I'm cooking up some awesome spaghetti sauce w/meatballs - that will surely kill a couple of hours, lol. Happy Valentines to you too. Stay warm.